Market Forecast in 2017

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Market Forecast in 2017

Apartment Price is expecting to decline in 2017 due to oversupply in some areas.

Some People will ask me why you still want us to buy when you know the price is dropping.

It is come to the fundamental of investment:

  • No one can really know what is the Bottom range of the market price.
  • The property investment is set for long term.
  • Location, Location and Location is the Key.
  • It is import for you to understand what is the fair value of the property in that area. Even the price may fall within 1 or 2 year due to the demand is over the supply, it will eventually go up when the demand and supply reach to even point.
  • If you happen to purchase a property which the price has dropped because the previous purchaser cannot settle. Now the price has dropped, you can take the benefit to buy the property in a very good location at fair price.
  • As a buyer agent, we can access to a professional valuer to ensure that the value of the property is worth to the market price before you pay the deposit.

How to check the property Fair value:

We can product a property report for you

The report will include:

  • Estimated price range.
  • Comparable sales result in the area.
  • Sale and rental listings in the area.
  • Interesting suburb insights and trends.
  • Recent sales history of the property.