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There are some factors to be considered when choosing your property:


  • Located within 10 km of the central business district (CBD).
  • Access to public transport (within 15 minutes walking distance).
  • Quiet location.
  • Walking distance to beach if it is holiday unit investment.
  • Access to a shopping centre.
  • Access to a medical centre.
  • Within the catchment area of a well known school.
  • Easy access to universities.
  • Close to developed or developing business districts.

2. Apartment

Overseas investors are limited to off plan properties.

Local buyers can purchase existing dwellings which you can renovate to increase its value.

3. Do not just focus on lower property prices

There is reason why the property price is lower. There may be a history of damage.

Remote ares may be lower priced due to its location. If you are purchasing to invest, you need to find if the area that you purchase in will be easily rented out.

Think about the following points:

  • What job opportunities are in that area?
  • What facilities are provided int the area?
  • What is the average income around that area?
  • When you want to sell the property, can the buyer afford the price that you want?


Please contact Lisa for advice:


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